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Xbox live rewards customer support

Some of these include, but are not limited to: Buying an account Using myfico coupon code may 2017 an account on your console that wasnt created by you or your parent or legal guardian Making purchases with an account that wasnt created by you or your parent or legal guardian.
Involvement with modified, xbox hardware, intentionally playing with someone who is using unauthorized software or methods.
Selling Xbox Live accounts is a violation of the Code of Conduct, and many sold accounts are stolen, hacked from unsuspecting players, or funded through illegitimate means.
Phishing typically leads feature sneaker boutique coupon code to financial loss, identity theft, a violation of personal privacy, and other avenues of fraud outside of Xbox Live.Gaming is about having fun and should bring people together, not drive them apart.We are dedicated to the privacy and safety of every Xbox Live member, and cannot tolerate any attempts to steal accounts or personal information.The Microsoft Store, accessible through the web, Windows, and your Xbox console, is a trusted one-stop shop for Xbox games and other digital content.How can I avoid becoming a victim of account theft?The response was not what we were looking for, but was helpful in answering our question.You were unable to signed up for the free trial when you created an account.Players who play games legitimately to earn Gamerscore and achievements are unaffected by this.What are some ami paris promo code examples of account theft?Does this respect that?I reported an image, and nothing happened.If you encounter a specific issue with a game or otherwise have reason to request a refund, it should be approached through Microsoft.Egregious or repeated Gamerscore violations may lead to a device ban.
We did send communication through the Xbox 360 Live email support page and still await a response to our questions.