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What do you buy for a retirement gift

The area we have bought is a traddtional Spanish town but with priceline bonus cash rewards about 500 expats of various nationalities.
Retirement Planning Singapore: Key Takeaways on what you need for retirement?
The Minimum Sum provides CPF members with monthly payouts in their retirement years. .I was not going to buy as we did not want to move till 2013 but found a perfect penthouse in La Quinta and made a rediculous offer and they accepted, as I was paying in dollars it turns out that if I had waited.Referencing it just to the minimum sum or convert amazon voucher to cash even the enhanced retirement sum (241,500 based on proposed changes) may be insufficient as inflation until retirement can be very significant. Payouts are estimates based on CPF life Standard Plan parameters in 2016.More ready cash to enjoy.Buy and you could be trapped.Tariq said: 15 February 2013 @ 19:40 the price(38,000 euros) i am paying for 2 bed room village house have to say buy with any decent place to rent costing 500 a month and you can not change any thing in a rented place.Watch Science, History, Cooking, Travel, hgtv, DIY, PBS, Sundance, cnbc (in the morning) and movies.There are so many reasons for both routes that I thought it would be interesting to get a feel for what the general tendency is right now, especially as the crisis has hit the property market so hard.Done your research;.Additionally, what we have calculated is based on the average, meaning that you could very well be living longer than others that would mean that you would require income for an even longer period.Is this site part of a con?Tamara said: 15 February 2013 @ 20:42, i agree with Tariq - when you see the house you want to make your home.Join Date: Jul 2006, posts: 11,401, i rarely watch TV any more and have cancelled all but the basic cable (the bundle includes internet and phone).An Englishman's home is not his castle anymore.Available from January 2016, source: CPF, however, the question is Is this enough?Your retirement sum will be used to buy a CPF life annuity to receive lifelong monthly payouts from your payout eligibility age, which is currently at age. .Not worried about leaving anything to kids as they aren't interested.I assume this has been done before, but I don't remember when.Only those who rent or who win the lottery can do that!Rent first and TRY before YOU BUY!
Then there is all the maintenance, build standards are not as high as in the UK and look at some of the nightmares there with Wimpy etc.
Life Expectancy could be longer.

Chris Stevens said: 16 February 2013 @ 10:26 Hi, we will definately be renting on our retirement.