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Uber zurich promo code

uber zurich promo code

Peter, Zürich to, zurich, cHF7-8 (uberPOP) CHF6 (uberX) CHF15 (UberBlack).
Peter, Zürich to discount tire glenwood springs FKB CHF423-564 (uberPOP) CHF455-606 (uberX) CHF905-1,205 (UberBlack) Fraumünster, Zurich to ZRH CHF22-30 (uberPOP) CHF43-57 (uberX) CHF101-131 (UberBlack) Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich to STR CHF298-397 (uberPOP) CHF383-510 (uberX) CHF762-1,015 (UberBlack) Zürich Opera House, Zurich to STR CHF296-395 (uberPOP) CHF381-509 (uberX) CHF760-1,012 (UberBlack) Zurich.
Fraumünster, Zurich to, zurich, cHF7-10 (uberPOP) CHF7-9 (uberX) CHF15-18 (UberBlack).Because sometimes the party goes late.Check out our quick guide to using your Uber codes, from how you apply them to the best time to use them.If thats not where you are right now, you can add these to your account for future use.However, you cant pick and choose which rides each promo code applies toits automatically set at the most recent code entered is the first code used.When to use.It is important to note that a promo code must be entered in the app before the trip begins, otherwise it wont be applied to the current ride.Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich to, zurich, cHF8-10 (uberPOP) CHF7-10 (uberX) CHF15-19 (UberBlack).Just remember, your most recently added promo code will be automatically applied to your trip, and each one can only be used once.Lake Zurich, Zurich to, zurich, cHF71-95 (uberPOP) CHF89-119 (uberX) CHF177-236 (UberBlack).Rietberg Museum, Zurich to, zurich, cHF7-10 (uberPOP) CHF7-9 (uberX) CHF15-18 (UberBlack).Make the most of it, many codes work across different Uber options, including UberX and UberVIP, and can be used for multiple destinations.
Uber Fare Estimator tool to see how much you can expect your ride to cost and if you can use.