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Magnesium Ferrite.o; Mars Yellow.
K ; Synthetic Inorganic; Brown magnetite iron oxide "Produced by controlled oxidation of Pigment Black 11(Black Iron Oxide).
Pigment Brown 8; Mangaanbioxyde; Mangaandioxyde; Mangandioxid baileys gift set nz Manganese Binoxide; Manganese (biossido Di Manganese (bioxyd De Manganese Brown Intense.The Industrial and Artistic Technology of Paint and Varnish, By Alvah Horton Sabin, Published.Read about my research methods in the Start Here page.This post may contain "affiliate links." This means if you click on the affiliate link and purchase the item, I'll receive a commission.W ; Dioxazine Violet.P; Raw Umber from Cyprus.Natural Mineral Erythrite (Mineral Ref (Mineral Ref) ; Roselite (Mineral Ref) ; * Zaffre is an early alchemy substance of impure cobalt arsenate; Co3(AsO4)9-19-5 Pale Reddish to medium purple; non-staining with weak tinting strength 4 I (NR L D* "Synthetically produced in 1880,.Do not smoke, eat or drink around any art materials.P N/A Metamorphic mineral; Complex iron-manganese-silicate; (Ref) light dull purple - I - A - Color Index Generic Name CI Common or Historical Name Common, Historic and Marketing Names.I.P ; Natural Brown Earth; Pigment Black 14; Pigment Brown 8; Pyrolusite; Pyrolusite Brown; Raw Umber.W ; Royal Purple Lake.Paint medium or binder code: Key Top Page Top Clicking on the paint or pigment manufacturer code next to the pigment name will take you off site where more information can be found.DalfourStacy'sStansportStar Anise FoodsStarter KitStarwest BotanicalsStashSteaz Green Tea KitchenStony BrookStonybrookStopainStrauss Herb CompanyStraw PropellerStreitsStretch IslandStryveStuart Consumer Product LabsStubb'sSturSublingual ProductsSuckerPunchSugar In The RawSukhi'sSukiSulpiceSummer's EveSun EarthSun ChlorellaSun ProductsSundown NaturalsSunFoodSunny GreenSunSpireSunsweet NaturalsSunwarriorSuper NutritionSuperiorSuperior SourceSuperSeedzSupplement Training SystemsSurf SweetsSurya BrasilSushi ChefSushi SonicSustainable SeasSustainable SnacksSuzie'sSweet Home FarmSweet Leaf TeaSweet Mama Mel'sSweetie Pie TraderTampaxTankaTaos.W ; Quinacridone Crimson.a; Quinacridone Garnet CH; Quinacridone Magenta CH.If you look at the website of one of the natural hair dyes listed in the Eluxe magazine article, Madison Reed, the images of plants show up and the company promises you healthy hair and no harsh chemicals.O(artis Genuine Cassel's Earth KA; German Greenish Raw Umber.w; German Umber KA; Gold Ochre.Org is unfortunetly gone, but the good news is the mitra (Materials Information and Technical Resources for Artists) has taken up the cause, m ; m ; Blick Art Materials Artist Supply Pigment Information ; Boston Fine Arts cameo Conservation Art Materials Encyclopedia ; Kremer.
O ; Dark Goethite.
Staining w/ fair tinting strength 1 I (astm) BWS 8 (basf BWS 8 (Heubach) BWS 8; 8; 8 (Kremer) 13-34 A* msds SDS Said to make a good non-toxic Naples Yellow substitute in artist colors.

Org Ref) ; Making pigments: Umbers at webexhibits.
P; Ultramarine Violet Deep.