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Personality type quizzes are especially popular.
This is by no means the only factor for approval or disapproval on a loan request, but it is quite a hefty influencer in the process.Demonstrate that youre the best value or the best price around.As with anything, youll need to test it out to see what creates the best results for you.When the price drops more than five percent, youll automatically get an email from Honey telling you.Knowledge is power, so stay tuned for more posts with great information in the next few weeks!Getting approved for a loan, no matter the purpose, is usually a pretty straightforward process.Whats really cool about using Honey instead of searching yourself is that if youve ever searched the various coupon sites for codes when you shop, youve likely had the same experience Ive had many of the coupon codes you find if you search manually for.I would challenge you to take your money savings even one step further.Heres an example from Social Triggers : Learn how easy it is to create a yes/no exit popup with OptinMonster.People voluntarily take their quizzes to uncover who they are on the basis of psychological theory, and they get to amass an enormous amount of audience data.Because the Subscribe Now button is yellow (in contrast to the pink background and its the only element of that color, it stands out even more than any other element on the popup.Let me give you an example: Last week we were hanging out with some friends and decided to order up some pizza from Papa Johns for dinner.Why should I choose you instead of the other guy?However, even if your exit popup did annoy the occasional the best prescription discount card visitor, you were about to lose that lead anyway.Theres no headline, or any details about what the webinar is about.
Suggest Related Products Similar to suggesting related posts in an exit popup on a blog post page (as in #4 you can also suggest related products on product pages.
Take one of these and run with it, and dont forget to run a split test so you can measure your results.

What if I Have My Own Coupons?
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Whether youre looking for an idea for your very first exit popup, or youre looking for new things to tweak and test, here are 40 effective ways to hack your exit popups.