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Callie responds she loves Stef and Lena, she wants to be part of the family more than anything, but bracing herself, she declares she has followers on Fost and Found and she cannot betray them and the trust she has with them.
She saw how easy Jude is fitting and in and thats leading her to push Brandon away.The liberties of our Country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.We have no other alternative than independence, or the most ignominious gf gift baskets and galling servitude.Callie explains to Brandon that if she tells Bill about her relationship with Liam, it's her word against his and that it goes on her record.It turns out to be Jude and he tells them that he couldnt sleep because of Stef.At school, Wyatt asks Callie about Liam and if Liam is harassing her in any way.Callie's impassioned speech reaches the judge who, after checking that there is no longer a relationship between her and Brandon, allows the Adams-Fosters to officially adopt her.So there was an arrangement of Asian cuisine and soul food waiting for the families.We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection.Mariana says "At least when my mom bails I can say it's because she's a drug addict.' To which Callie replies, "Jealous." Callie decides to Google Robert Quinn, and finds out that he is the man giving her 100 tips.Wyatt tells Callie that it is not his house and they hurry out.The first step into making a second chance was to admit what she was doing was wrong.When Callie confronts Brandon about the silent treatment, Brandon seems infuriated that Callie brought Mariana to Wyatt's party and got her drunk.Brandon holds hands with her.It requires time to bring honest Men to think determine alike even in important Matters.Brandon takes Callie outside and tells her that he broke up with Talya.I Do At school, Wyatt finds Callie and tells her that he and his mom are moving to Indiana to live with his grandparents.She tells him a story of a previous foster family, the best one before the Foster's house, that she and Jude were in and how it ended badly for her and her brother after she was caught hanging out with the familys son (later revealed.Late at night, Callie slips into Brandon's room.He also invites her to hang out with him and his friends at the beach on Saturday, but Callie declines due to the Quinceanera.
Wyatt refuses to let her in until he tells her what happened, and she tells him that she was going to be sent to another foster home and couldn't handle that as she wanted to take charge of her life.
She wont be needing it with her husband doing her hair.