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Roommate gift ideas

roommate gift ideas

Definitely one of the cutest roommate gift ideas!
Make sure your greater union gift voucher suitemate looks good while staying warm!
College girls practically live off of coffee, so why not get your roomie another mug to add to her collection?Sponsored Link Tags: gift ideas, perfect gift, roommate, roommate gift, suitemate, suitemate gift, what to get your roommate, what to get your suitemate).Picture frames come in a variety of different sizes and colors, but a picture is worth a thousand words.This is a great option if you're a little short on cash.A jewelry holder so they dont lose their favorites.This shot glass Roomies who pregrame together stay together.Putting one on is a stylish, subtle way to accessorize!Some of Their Favorite Personal Products.Succulents are beautiful and dont require a lot.A watch so shes always on time.Consider getting them a replacement or even just an extra one for when things get really ugly.Low-Cost Gift Ideas for College Students 10 Gift Ideas for Designers, Architects, and Builders.
Laptop/Car Decal s to match her interests.
Nail polish in colors they dont already have.

Here are a few cute and clever roommate gift ideas that are both fun and useful!
A Simple Electronic Device to Make Life Easier.