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Risks and rewards of entrepreneurship

risks and rewards of entrepreneurship

This is from the, build a Business competition, im working on with.
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This is the most practical time in history to become an entrepreneur.Eight years later, at the time of our merger with Harris Corp., RF employed about 800 people; today it is closer to 1,200.The risks of becoming a full time entrepreneur can be great, but so can the rewards.Risks and rewards come in many forms.My belief is that the broad experience and extensive contacts that come with being the head of a company, even though it fails, would make it easier to find a job.For every subject you can now access each digital resource as soon as it is ordered.Risks of Entrepreneurs, getting Paid.In addition to these two areas, where the risks and rewards must be carefully balanced, there is a long list of others where only reward is possible and the risk is zero.Choosing the path of an entrepreneur should be done with both eyes wide open.Do it at the expense of playing Madden.What different people consider acceptable risk will vary substantially.Upside/Downside: Reward and Risk, conventional wisdom is that starting a company is an extremely risky proposition.Are your spouse and children prepared and able to make the emotional investment needed for you to start a business?The question to ask is how two or three years of managing an unsuccessful startup company would compare to the same two or three years with your former employer when it comes to reentering the job market.Six months of expenses (that needs to include personal payment) should be set aside for the business before launching into full time entrepreneurial endeavors.
On the downside the emotional risks associated with starting a business can be great whether the business succeeds or fails.
I started a company from scratch.

No money is no money no matter what the reason.