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Raffles hospital colonoscopy

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After that, we will how much does coinstar charge to cash in gift cards serve you light refreshments, and your doctor will visit you to explain the results.The brush with mortality changed her ct electric car rebate perspective on life.In such cases, you will need to reschedule your colonscopy.Two years later, she experienced slight complications when she had to be admitted again for clotting of blood in her colon.Click to add, email click to add, contact Number.A colonoscopy is a diagnostic procedure to examine your colon lining.Package description: Phacoemulsification laser (unilateral day surgery, price: 3,494.During the procedure, the doctor will insert the endoscope into your colon through your anus.True enough, Dr Yang remembers her as being "squeamish about needles and clinical examinations." "I needed more time to persuade her and at times coerce her to undergo tests and examinations he says.Phacoemulsification, package description: Phacoemulsification (unilateral day surgery, price: 1,768.First-degree relatives of patients should go for a colonoscopy at 50 years of age or 10 years prior to the case involving the youngest patient in the family, whichever is earlier, advised Dr Tan.The faecal occult blood test is used to detect tiny amounts of blood in the stool that could be a sign of cancer or polyps.Anal bleeding, you have a family history of colorectal cancer or polyps.Those without a family history can get screened from the age of 50 and they can opt for a faecal occult blood test, which should be repeated yearly if the results are negative.You will be given light sedation to ease any potential discomfort.Package description: Phacoemulsification (bilateral day surgery, price: 3,453.