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Drivers routinely break the laws of physics.(Momentum-A body in motion wants to remain in motion.) Having said that, I am still a proponent of these tires.
And I get mmillionjobsplan (nothing) or we'll email you some BS 'when theatre by the lake gift vouchers we can'!
Thanks, Allan Gee EZ Rock Penticton,.C.
It just doesn't make sense!The Motts: Hi Craig your not dragging me anywhere.It is so beautiful.Garrett was on the team also.I've spent so much of this weekend watching the coverage of the tragedy in Newtown.Really enjoyed the Interview with Sue-Ann Levy and hope to hear her again on your Program.That's why everyone wants to work there!He isn't sensational like Cosby or Gomeshi.Also today, Sunday Jan.I think what Dalton did is so irresponsible.And I was a huge supporter of Mike and his common sense.Election polls by Russ Election polls irritate me to no end!And we didn't take part in that evil.Thanks for your comments, no really!You are coming through,here in Florida, loud and clear.You really should listen more often to our radio show and our podcasts here at on our Listen Page.The only show that has "gray matter".Isabell The Motts: No, we've been here, ybe you've dialed in the wrong station?It bothered me to see the OPP video clip of the cop powerbody promotional code pulling over an obvious offender last week on a major highway, and just give him a warning This right after telling us that the 40 deaths so far this year attributed to distraction.
Bugs get inside the switch snd die.
Thanks John The Motts: Hi John.

To help is daughter deal with the issue he actually took her to meet some local police officers.
They are so full of shit it's amazing they are on the radio.
The Motts: Wrong target, Roy.