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Marc jacobs perfume gift pack

marc jacobs perfume gift pack

Reading the reviews of this, has been enjoyable and at times a little entertaining.
So when I carramar flowers and gifts saw a 50 promo code for windows 8 ml/1.7 oz bottle marked.00 at TJM, I left it on the shelf.You need to join many of them to be able to feel their aroma, which is extremely smooth.Luckily, the House has already announced an Eau de Parfum version, which seems to be more intense (Daisy Dream Forever).The jasmine, which I usually like a lot, does not appear.I tend to shy away from MJ frag's because my track record with his frag's is not the greatest.Pleased with purchase, and no worry about pawning this clunky little bottle off on someone.Without doubt, calls attention in any collection.There is no way I personally would pay the full retail for this, but for.00 for this decent sized bottle?There is a soft floral nuance over a cleansing musky smell.Really there is no honey scent to me at all, but still a fun and fresh scent.In Portuguese, Daisy means Margarida, the famous flower of loves me, loves me not, which is part of the Chrysanthemum family.The bottle is stunning!The blackberries and the lychee are pretty perceptible, but the floral bouquet leaves something to be desired.In my opinion, Daisy Dream is really ethereal like a dream, which doesn't last all night, but we can remember when we wake.I tend to think that the bottles are gimmicky, and more often than not to me it feels like more thought went into designing the bottles as opposed to creating the actual fragrance.This little bugger finally left the TJM shelf, made it to the checkout line, and was on it's way home with.I expected a honey overload, but I really can't pick up the honey note.
Where is the honey?