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Letter template asking for raffle prizes

They could do this to hyde park winter wonderland discount code support the band or sports team etc.
I tend to approach the send out in thank you for the cute gift 3 steps: Step 1: Local Businesses and Attractions, it is always better to go local (especially if it is a local ke sure you highlight this in your ask flexicover insurance discount codes email) as they will be more inclined to give.
If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get back. So ask everyone you know if they can donate a prize.A quick search on google maps will list all the local ones. If it is a small raffle just buy some at your local newsagent for a few dollars - if it is a larger raffle (you can get a" from us to get your raffle tickets printed!).Estimate the number of tickets you think could be sold.Organise some prizes that "fit" with how much money can be raised.Each family from the school is sent home with a small book of raffle tickets).On Date I am organising a fundraiser say where and when which will include a raffle and am looking for raffle prizes which I can use to help raise funds for charity name.Dear Sir/Madam (use a name if you have one). As an example if you send a raffle book of 10 tickets to each family in a 200 family school - you may be able to sell between 1,000 - 1,500 tickets. For example, if you believe you can sell 2,000 worth of tickets the first prize should be somewhere between.The more you send the more prizes you will get so I literally send out 10s of emails.You can go higher or lower but you should try and be fair.Follow UP I found it the most exciting thing getting an email or letter in the post with a prize donation.Generally though I find calling time-consuming and in most cases you get a quick unhelpful.Contacting local attractions is a must as it is very easy for them to give admission passes: local theatres, farms, small theme parks, manor houses, museums, soft play centres, Also contact small independent restaurants.

To save you from searching I have put together a directory, although note that some need to be contacted by letter (always best to ask your charity to provide you one on letterhead so it looks legitimate) or need you to fill in an online.
From my experience small and family run companies are mostĀ likely to say yes but the few bigger organisations will offer a more generous (or higher valued) prize.
Ā If you get a major prize donated it is always nice to include their logo on the ticket.