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Lego contests 2014

lego contests 2014

Also, a project is now only given year to reach 10,000 supporters. .
From lego cuusoo to lego Ideas.
Weve decided that all other concepts in the winter 2014 review period will unfortunately not be produced as lego sets.Were excited to see what the younger audience will bring of fresh new ideas and great builds.This means that you (yes, you) need to start campaigning in order to make the deadline.But the name is not the only change!Remember we have updated our review schedule to three times per year. .Weve also changed a few rules For instance project creators now can be 13 rather than.This involves analyzing the votes and information you give us about your amazon postage voucher project as well as looking at things like playability, safety, and fit within the lego brand.This awesome model is an inspiring set that offers a lot for kids as well as adults.We are grateful for the many years of collaboration and experimentation between our two companies and wish cuusoo Systems continued success, building cuusoo as an open crowdsourcing platform for brands to connect with their fans.This decision, however, does in no way take away from the incredible talent put into these projects or the passion supporters have shown.Were very excited about bringing you the Research Institute set and look forward to considering more of the amazing projects reaching 10,000 supporters and thereby qualifying for the lego Review.The lego Review Board makes all final decisions on which new sets the lego Group will release based on lego Ideas projects.As the sun sets slowly in the west, we wish you happy building!But it is really just the beginning of the projects journey, because the 10,000 supporter milestone means the project enters the lego Review Stage.Getting 10,000 votes for on a project is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.Yup, youve got it!Female Minifigure set, featuring 3 scientists, now entitled Research Institute as our next lego Ideas set.We hope you are as excited about the new lego Ideas as we are.We introduced a new and improved website, complete with responsive design and the possibility of embedding videos into your project.
How do we make these decisions?
And while we know that some transition time is required, we know that lego Ideas will be an even better community with more amazing projects than before!

This is the results of the Winter 2014 lego Review.
The final design, pricing and availability are still being worked out, but its on track to be released August 2014, so keep an eye out!
Every potential lego product, including those developed internally, goes through a process like this and must meet the same standards.