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Is exit through the gift shop real

It is intriguing at first.
This is when Banksy comes with the brilliant idea to create a film.
But is it really a documentary?Some critics claim that it is only a hoax."Exit Through the Gift Shop is a conceptual Chinese box: a documentary about a filmmaker thats directed by the subject the filmmaker was too inept to actually make a film about.Barely Legal (part of which involves painting an elephant pink as a statement about how we ignore the things right in front of us, apparently Thierry turns the thousands of hours of footage he has into a 90-minute street art film called.The immediate scuttlebutt was that.Brainwashs 2008 show, where works sold for tens of thousands still far less than Banksys prices foot locker virtual gift card free says in the film.You know nothing about Guetta.The thing is, both Banksy and.The artist is interviewed throughout the film with his voice altered and his face in shadow beneath a hoodie.Fairey, who said that he and Banksy were in the same situation in trying to recover the footage of their career-defining moments from.Guetta did not respond to a request for comment though he does seem to exist and to be as idiosyncratic as he is in the film.Year or trailer tag is missing from post.
He literally has hundreds of tapes.