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Illusens glade prizes

Once you catch it your, objects will freeze for aprox 3 seconds Wingoball Wrath of Snowager back to top back to top back to top back to top Copy/Paste the code above if you wish to use the link displayed.
Each time you open an NC Item Fortune Cookie, you will receive one of the exclusive items to send to yourself and your Neofriends.
You can then select them to donate in the dropdown menu.
Unfortunately once you confirm your donation, it cannot be returned to you.Play Guide home savings premium rewards Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars (2) Play Guide 1 Guide 2 Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers Play Extreme Herder Code: Type freeze to freeze Balthazar German Guide: Deutsche Guide Play Guide 1 Avatar Extreme Herder 2 Play Guide Extreme Potato Counter Play Guide.Portuguese Guide: Guia em Portugues Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3 Avatar Bagatelle Prizes Barf Boat Guide Beating Punchbag Bob Avatar Beauty Contest German Guide: Deutsche Guide Guide 1 Guide 2 Berry Bash Better Than You Avatar Prizes Bilge Dice German Guide: Deutsche Guide Guide.Play Illusens Glade Guide 1 Guide 2 Avatar Prizes Imperial Exam Play Guide Invasion: Blastoids!Feepit Code: Type xzxz to use a special move Code: Type zxzx to use a special move Italian Guide Guida Italiana del gioco German Guide: Deutsche Guide Play Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3 Avatar Meerca Chase II Code: Type ferociousneggsareontheloose to use a secret.Get them while you can as these Fortune Cookies will be available in limited quantities depending on the batch size Noda bakes.How many items or site perks are available in each Fortune Cookie?However, currently you are able to.Code: Type snowghettiandmeatball to gain 10 snowballs Snowbeast Snackrifice Snowmuncher Code: Type buuuurrrrrrrrp (4-U's and 8-R's) to reduce bloat by 50 German Guide: Deutsche Guide Portuguese Guide: Guia em Portugues Spanish Guide: guía en espanol Guide 1 Guide 2 Guide 3 Avatar Snow Roller Play.Play Avatar Spell-Or-Starve Code: Type channyhungry to add 30 seconds to the timer Play Guide 1 Guide 2 Spellseeker Play Splat-A-Sloth Play Spinacles Play Guide Stamp Collector You need to have 5 stamps in your Album and click the "Overview" button before this counts.You will be able to donate any NC item.Each cookie will last for 4 Neopian days after opening.Its really depends on the Money Trees mood.No, the NC Item Fortune Cookies themselves are like NC Gift Boxes.Click on the fortune cookie in your inventory to use.(score reset to zero) German Guide: Deutsche Guide Play Guide 1 Guide 2 Avatar Grarrl Keno Guide Avatar Grumpy Old King Avatar Prizes Guess The Card Guess the Weight Prizes Gwyl's Great Escape Code: Type gwylsgreatestescapeever to gain access to a secret level Play Guide.Each Fortune Cookie contains a different fortune.

Fortune cookies are a new type of NC item that give you access to site specific bonuses or exclusive NC items.
Using a NC Item Fortune Cookie The fortune cookie(s) you have bought will be placed into your inventory.