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Holiday gift guide 2013

They want to know the history of beer, the state of craft beer in the US, and eventually they will want to make beer themselves.
Here are some more ideas that don't fit neatly into one category.
Give them knowledge or give them new brew toys.
These gifts will be sure to scratch thier beer curious itch.Gifts for an Artsy Beer Lover.These gifts help combine the two passions of drinking and eating.The key thing to remember when shopping for a beer aficionado is they want to appreciate the entire beer drinking experience including the pour, the colors, the aroma, and of course the flavor.Whether it be with new ingredients, new processes, or new equipment the serious home brewer is always looking for something to advance their beers.Gifts For A Social Drinker, for the friend or family member who loves hosting get togethers at thier house or bringing the party with them.Odds are your friend is a beer aficionado.Beer and culture go hand in hand so it makes sense that craft beer lovers naturally have an appreciation for finely crafted products.Whether they know it or not they are a beer traveler.Gifts for a Home Brewer, home brewers are tinkerers who are always looking to modify their brews and brew systems.Gift For A Beer Traveler, have a freind who is always trying to find the local beer when they travel?Holiday Beer Gifts, the holidays can be a stressful time, but there's no reason you can't have fun with the annual traditions and embrace the beery side of the season.The may not take themselves too seriously but they certianly take their beer seriously.Beer travelers enjoy the journey as well as the destination so be sure to get them gear that helps them find new places and share their experiences with others.Gifts for a Craft Beer Newbie.These gifts are in the sweet spot of craft beer and beautiful design.Craft beer newbie's are hungry for knowledge of every aspect of the craft beer industry and soak up information like a sponge.Gifts for a Beer Aficionado, do you have a friend or family member who spends as much time analyzing their beer as they do drinking it?They have recently discovered the flavorful diversity of craft beer and want more.Craft Beer Foodies, beer and food are such a natural pairing that it should come as no surpise that foodies are becoming craft beer fans and craft beer fans are looking for ways buygrommets com coupon code to enhance their drinking experiences.They like to stay in touch with other craft beer drinkers and expose people to the expansive flavors of craft beer.
But never fear, just because they are they are an encyclopedia of beer knowledge doesnt mean they are going to be hard to shop for.
Craft Beer Stocking Stuffers, like any niche group of fans we don't all fit neatly into one category, but we all share a love of craft beer.

We all have a friend who not only loves showing their support for craft beer but also wants to look good while doing.
Look for gifts that allow them to accessorize with unique, handmade, and well designed items.