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Grab gift brakes

Noun An arrest; bust, pinch: We will get credit for the grab, and we will also profit/ The only thing worse than no grab is a bad grab (1753 Police) verb To seize the admiration or attention of; impress: How does that grab you?/.
Available to anyone willing to expend the energy to get it: The Republican nomination for mayor was up for grabs.
Sense of to get by unscrupulous methods reinforced by grab game, a kind of swindle, attested from 1846.Are you ready to have some fun.(transitive) to seize illegally or unscrupulously.Plants vs Zombies Game of the Year Edition.(transitive) to arrest; catch.Its that time of year again!Something that is grabbed.So grab your bikini, borrow Dads car, and leave your better judgement behind because the Spring Break Forever Tour 2010 is coming to a town near you.1777, thing grabbed; 1824, act of grabbing, from grab (v.).(informal) up for grabs, available fundraising ideas 50 50 raffle to be bought, claimed, or won.Are you ready for the Spring Break Tour from, spring Break Forever Tour 2010, released February 1, 2010 written by Jenny Owen Youngs, Bess Rogers and Allison Weiss all instruments, produced, mixed and mastered by Chris Kuffner.Young adults across America are saying hello to sunshine and goodbye to inhibitions as the Jager bombs flow like wine, girls are literally going wild, and Daytona Beach looks like the Arctic tundra during penguin mating season.Up for grabs attested from 1945 in jive talk.Zombies, zombies are invading your home and are after your brains!To take illegal possession of; seize forcibly or unscrupulously: to grab land.Steam Music 2,703 discussion threads, steam Family View 730 discussion threads.Amidst the joyous chaos, three guitar-wielding party girls - Jenny Owen Youngs, Bess Rogers, and Allison Weiss - will metaphorically take their musical tops off at risks and rewards of entrepreneurship venues from Nashville to Boston.Steam for Linux 9,063 discussion threads, steam Family Sharing 7,727 discussion threads, steam In-Home Streaming 6,305 discussion threads.A sudden, quick grasp or snatch: to make a grab at something.Sanskrit grbhnati seizes, Old Persian grab- seize as possession or prisoner, Old Church Slavonic grabiti to seize, rob, Lithuanian grebiu to rake).

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