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Gift shop plan

Grid layouts are easy for customers to navigate and for store owners to categorize.
Used in grocery, big box, and convenience stores.
Check out Paco Underhills museum of natural history new york city gift shop The Science of Shopping books.
Tan is also the author of this article.The open look of a free-flow layout is ideal for all types of boutiques and upscale stores.In many stores, its a constantly changing process, especially with the growing popularity of in-store foot traffic systems like RetailNext.Anything less than this discourages customers from venturing into the area.When comparing the before and after of the new layout, it is apparent that well delineated categories and a clear traffic pattern emerge.Our Advice: Plan for aisle and display pathways of at least three feet, six inches feet wide, without obstructions.The netflix free gift second set of schematics shown above, indicates that the old store layout (above, left) also had different categories of products mixed in haphazardly around the store.Decide on your prices -: Another factor you must give consideration to is the price that you would sell your items for.Slow Customers Down with Speed Bumps and Merchandise Outposts Along with power walls, youll want to include a few speed bumps and merchandise outposts to slow customers down as they move through your store.For small retailers, experts tend to agree that a checkout should be toward the front of the store, to the left of the entry.In both cases, a sturdy ladder with a standing platform is good to have on hand for safe access to upper storage areas.Click here for a free 14 day trail of Lightspeed.Plus, it doesnt distract them from shopping as they make their way around the store.Think about this next time youre in a grocery store.Use Zone Design Merchandising Strategies Zone Design successfully helps shoppers locate what they want while exposing them to products that enhance the ones they are buying.In a loop floor plan, the perimeter walls are highly visible and can feature all types of wall and shelving displays.