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Centaur myth : In mythology and yours gift vouchers literary use, a common motif is the centaur (a hybrid of horse-body with a human torso where the horse's head would be).
Lewis's term for what he ae rewards card points describes as "the uncritical acceptance.
Not to be confused with kenning, an Anglo-Saxon poetic device.
If catalexis occurs at the start of a line, that line is said to be acephalous or headless.American scholars usually use the term "colonial period" to refer to the years in the American colonies before the American Revolution against the British Monarchy-usually dating it from 1607 (when Jamestown was founded) promo code humanatic to 1787 (when Congress ratified the Federal Constitution).In the medieval period, composite monsters include the formecolion, with an ant's body and a lion's head; the mermaid, with a human top and a fish bottom; and the cockatrice, which mingles parts of a rooster and a serpent.Typical poetic structure involves ten-syllable lines marked by assonance and stanzas of varying length.Cognomen (plural, cognomina See discussion under tria nomina.New York: Laughlin, 1960.The Longman Anthology of British Literature.Shakespeare alters the traditional chorus by replacing the singers with a single figure-often allegorical in nature.Members of the Cave included.S.Mare, adelaide SA true 5, a friend lent me this hard copy book years ago.Zora Neale Hurston creates a christ-figure in Delia Jones, who in the short story "Sweat" suffers to support her ungrateful husband and " crawled over the earth in Gethsemane and up the rocks of Calvary many, many times.Cyberpunk movement : (1) A loose school of science fiction authors including William Gibson, Bruce Stirling, Rudy Rucker, and Neal Stephenson who rose in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s.Celtic includes Welsh and Breton.
Examples of novels, anthologies, short stories, and other literary works from the cyberpunk movement include Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Islands in the Net, and "Johnny Mnemonic." (The last of these has been adapted into an awful film that bears little similarity to the original short.