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A custom full military bdu type ghillie suit can run several hundreds of dollars.
So whether you are a seasoned hunter, an avid airsoft player or just someone who is buying a gift and has no idea what a ghillie suit is, we are here to help you choose the best ghillie suit for your needs.Hunters use ghillie suits as a camouflage aid during hunts.For these scenarios a ghillie poncho would be better because it would keep your legs free and unencumbered.From the United States military to county Sheriff's department, Many law enforcement agencies are now using ghillie suits.Ghillie Suits are camouflage clothing that use long strands of thread or 3D leaves to break up the outline of a person.Lastly, your equipment must also be camouflaged to match your ghillie suit and terrain.Whether you need your ghillie suit for your kids, hunting or overseas operations, Ghillie Suit Warehouse will have a ghillie suit for you.We are a small business that specializes in fast shipping and great customer service.And of course, the ever popular kids ghillie suit is worn by all the kids playing army in their backyards or as a great costume Halloween minnie mouse gifts for her ghillie suit.This is because snipers spend alot of time crawling and laying prone so there is no need for the front of the suit to have threading.If you have an impossible deadline, give us a call and we can help you out.Our small size enables us to process and ship your orders sometimes within a few hours.We supply ghillie suits to a wide variety of clients.