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gag gifts catalog

The Generic Weener Kleener Soap is shaped like a aimpoint pro coupon code donut for easy use.
Mail Orders To: Da Yoopers, you Guys Records 490 North Steel Street, ishpeming, MI 49849.Can I borrow some money?The possibilities are endless!Secret Squirting Toilet Being squirted with "toilet" water- that's gross.This funny garden gnome comically features an angry faced gnome holding up a go away sign in one hand and a middle finger in the other!Hats, novelty Gag Gifts, stckers License Plates, signs, Flags.Sleepwear, Socks, Boxers, licensed-Betty Boop, etc, kitchen Items.Item #web3355.49 Add to your cart yooper fire alarm Contains un-popped popcorn.Comes in illustrated window box.25" hard vinyl Crazy Cat Lady Toy action figure with 6 cats Item #weby18803.99 out of stock The Amazing Silly Straw Includes 5 pieces of straw tubing.Item #web9544.40 Add to your cart yooper toilet paper Read n' Wipe, eh!Item #webinov4351.25 Add to your cart Weener Kleener Soap ONE size fits most MEN!Guaranteed to get laughs!Item #web7418.49 Add to your cart (double sided soap, one side for face, other side for butt) Butt-Face Soap Real soap!Item #web7460.49 Add to your cart yooper emergency repair KIT Contains a couple slips of duct-tape, a rubberband and a paper clip.Item #web7418.49 Add to your cart Yooper Jigsaw Puzzle Actual Jigsaw wood debris.This glycerin soap is yellow and weights.5.Item #web1990.75 Add to your cart Bachelorette Party Sash Red The Bachelorette Party Sash features red satin ribbon material and screen printed lettering.Well, give them an opportunity to voice their grievances that will take care of the problem once and for all!4 inches in width and 6 feet in total length with a diagonally sewn seam.Health Beauty funny yooper t shirts funny yooper tee shirts, yooper sweats, yooper books, Yooper, upper michigan shirts, yooperland tees, upper peninsula shirts.Cookbooks, jewelry, finnish Sauna, fart Section, animals.
Item #weby18805.99 Add to your cart grooose Expands up to 600 Item #weby18683.25 Add to your cart GO away gnome This hysterical Go Away Gnome lets your guests know that they're not welcome!
Image above shows the ground level toilet with a ladder leading to the second level toilet (which is directly above the lower toilet).

Let's Party, food, Snacks, etc, cribbage, Puzzles Games, comical Pins Key Chains.
When curiosity gets the best of them, they'll lift the lid to peer inside and discover only a faceful of water!
Item #web9300.50 out of stock Complaint Department Sign and Grenade Tired of complainers?