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Fairground Attraction s debut, reissues, box sets and albums of interest in January include: february, this month sees the sizeable, vangelis.
So with Flowers in the Dirt due in March, there is only a very slight chance we may see whatever the next reissue will be in the autumn (I think he might go for Flaming Pie ).
It will be interesting to see whether Georges estate/management will allow Sony to release something like that.
A potential spanner in the works is that Roland and Curt have been promising a new album for the last three years and if they deliver it in 2017 they wont want the reissue out at the same time.It would be great if some kind of Wham!I do get asked about this reissue a lot and all I can say is that hopefully those seeds will germinate in 2017.Expect a Heroes 40th anniversary picture disc in September.The work is largely done and Steven Wilson created his.1 mix ages ago (he announced this on his site, so thats not really a secret).This was probably because Pure McCartney came out in the summer and he changed record labels, when he signed to Capitol late in the year.Nothing has changed except the price which has gone from sub-20 to more than.It looks like Please is off the agenda (if it was ever on it) since SDE expects these PSB reissues to start with 1999s Nightlife and be concerned with the four or five albums that follow.January, january is always a bit of a weird month, but theres normally at least one or two fairly big hitters.Those, paul Weller vinyl reissues (his solo debut and.Steven Wilson has confirmed that the.1 mix is done and Bryan Ferry keeps saying it will be out, but it never materialises.Farewell to 2016 you wont be missed.Universal ended last year with a series of vinyl deluxe editions which ( Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse ) which contained bonus tracks.He says they expect to be announcing full details of a new batch of reissued and remastered albums with accompanying Further Listening albums in 2017.S 1992 album Automatic For The People.If Im honest, theres a little bit of deja vu about some of 2017, since a fair few releases in 2016 either scheduled or hoped for in didnt materialise. .David Bowie The minimum we can expect from this year is a third major David Bowie box set that will include all three album from the so-called Berlin Trilogy Low, Heroes and Lodger as well as the 1978 live album Stage and probably Scary Monsters.The good news is Neil has made reference to reissues in his New Year message on the website.Now we can now look forward to another 12 months of reissues and box sets and this SDE preview will give you a taste of whats to come.Youd think not, but on the other hand union square wines promotion code Revolver was ignored last year Theres almost certainly going to be a Beatles project later in the year (there always is) but its just a question of what it will.Chris Wood box is out and plenty of vinyl on the way; Paul Weller stanley Road and Heavy Soul Budgie, Status Quo and, bon Jovi just some of the artists with reissues.
Its more likely that we wont and some other McCartney project will take precedence.