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Did hillary clinton win the popular vote in the election

did hillary clinton win the popular vote in the election

Its true that if Californias vote totals were entirely removed from the equation then Hillary Clinton would lose her popular vote lead, but the logic of that assessment is somewhat flawed.
Trump Invites Russian Hackers to Find Clintons Missing Emails.Democrats had extensive get-out-the-vote campaigns in areas heavily populated by illegal aliens.His poll numbers were high, he was winning primary action on hearing loss voucher code after primary, until.One could, for example, arbitrarily remove the states of New York and Massachusetts from the vote count, docking Clinton roughly.6 million votes (and wiping out her popular vote win).WE must NOT lose THE congress TO THE democrats.Therefore, its highly likely millions of noncitizens voted in the 2016 presidential election.M has long been engaged in the battle against misinformation, an effort we could not girl scout cookie rewards 2014 atlanta sustain without the support of our readers.Clintons Popular Vote Lead Surpasses 2 Million.Althogh this system can, in theory permit huge discrepencies between the popular vote and the electoral college this is aparently not the case this year as Trump has a clear majority in the Electoral College and a slim plurality in the popular vote.Of course, they forget how during the election they beat the drum of how Hillary would easily win the electoral college vote, and thats what makes you President.Anyone who believed Hillary Clinton was going to allow a lackluster Senator steal her thunder was sadly mistaken.
Then into the wee hours of the morning, we watched as Clinton supporters in that arena with the glass ceiling above began to see their dreams of a President Hillary Clinton crumble before them.
For example, Texas gets 38 votes, New York gets 29 votes, et cetera (see this BBC page for details).

It didnt matter that a Sanders rally was packed with thousands of supporters, while Clinton had to bring in big ticket entertainers just to get people to show.
On election night, we all sat glued to our TV screens watching the results come.
We cannot let that happen.