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Deer season xp 300 win mag

The gradually thickening jacket helps prevent the bullet from completely disintegrating, ensuring the core will produce the longest possible wound channel and hopefully exit the deer.
Copper Impact XP ammo is available.270 Winchester,.30-06 Springfield and.300 Win Mag.
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If you love deer hunting, give the Winchester Deer Season XP a try and I can promise you the results will speak for themselves.Winchester currently produces Deer Season XP ammo for the following calibers:.223 Remington,.243 Winchester,.25-06 Remington,.5 Creedmoor,.270 Winchester,.270 WSM, 7mm-08 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum,.300 Blackout,.30-30 Winchester,.308 Winchester,.30-06 Springfield,.300 Winchester Magnum,.300 WSM and.450 Bushmaster.Dropping a deer in its tracks would be ideal, but failing watch box co discount code that, they wanted the shortest tracking job possible.I'm the type of person who likes things specialized.The thinking is, why pay a premium price for a premium bullet when hunting a thin-skinned (deer) animal?The tip also improves the ballistics of the bullet, resulting in a flatter trajectory as well as good terminal performance at long range.Deer Season XP was designed with a noticeably larger polymer tip that accelerates bullet expansion.Ive been playing with XP for a while now.I put in so much time during the off-season training and throughout the season scouting and hunting that when the moment of truth comesI want no excuses.In our camp this week we killed six bucks, both mule deer and whitetails, and every time the performance story was the same.This simplifies consumer choice, but we didnt make each individual bullet weight choice willy-nilly.Shooting that same 150-grain bullet at 3225 fps.Ive been using Deer Season XP season after season on everything from big whitetails to giant mule deer.Knowing there are two camps in the world of bullet performance believers those who want a bullet that holds together and passes completely through the animal, and those that want a bullet that comes apart violently once inside the chest cavity and does not exit.And be sure to check out empire cinema discount code this instructive video on Deer Season XP: m/watch?

Its basically giving the hunter our premium black box technology at a gray boxs price.
So how did they go about accomplishing all those tasks?
Leupold RX-1200i TBR laser rangefinder.