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On the other side of the lake in the far corner of the park in the darker areas between the trees, there are men hanging out close to the facilities every evening from about 10pm-1am.
Add your review, comment, or correction Zhengzhou (Henan Province) Population is over 4 million (that's more than 160,000 Utopians).
Go a little early (around 10pm) and be discreet.
On Suocao Rd, about 100m from the Yingxing Hotel, take a right at a small alley going down a slope, then veer right.Chinese lesbians use the terms "T" for tomboy (butch women or po (femme or wife and or bu fen (not divided) for women who don't fit the T/Po stereotypes.Ancient records mention queers as far back as the Shang Dynasty (that's 1,700 years before Christ ever said nothing about gay love).As you go down the steps, knock out discount accumulator turn right onto a narrow garden pathway.Just sit on the rocks under the trees.There's a room downstairs, below the common room, for action.Local gays congregate along the river front area directly opposite the Yunshan hotel, including the unbelievably stinky facilities nearby, and on the steps down to the riverside platform.A Qing Dynasty pleasure garden and palace complex, twice as big as the Summer Palace in Beijing and more authentic feeling and rustic than The Forbidden City.Add your review, comment, or correction Nanchang (Jiangxi Province) 510 Bar utopia visited MAY 2015 3/F 237 Zigu Lu (just off Deishan Lu).Find the huge sign for the KTV (close to the police office) and take the stairs to 3/F.Add your review, comment, or correction Luoyang City (Henan Province) The population of Luoyang.5 million (that's about 260,000 Utopians).
Hardly any English spoken, but you can get by discount liquor las vegas nv meeting guys using WeChats translation feature.
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The population of Wuxi is about.5 million (that's over 200,000 Utopians).
There are more gays at branch in Kundu.