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Make Sim/Ghost appear not Pregnant d_buff Pregnancy_InLabor, add the inlabor buff to the active sim newseum's pulitzer prize photographs gallery and buy a bassinet, your sim will pretend to have a baby.
Death by Exhaustion d_buff Add this buff to your sim and it may die immediately.
Pregnancy Cheats Force Offspring Count rce_offspring_count simID count This cheat requires your sim to already be pregnant.Make Sim/Ghost appear Pregnant d_buff Pregnancy_Trimester1 d_buff Pregnancy_Trimester2 d_buff Pregnancy_Trimester3.Enable Handyman this cheat will spawn a handyman at the current lot.They will behave as expected.Spawn, the sim that spawns will be added to your current household.Add Trait to Sim traits.Equip_trait traitnameNoSpaces This will add the specified trait to the current active sim.Soak: Handyman, Maid, and Parties Cheats.Spawn Sim and Add to Household sims.Call Handyman eate_soak_handyman_situation, this cheat will call a handyman to the current lot.Death by Freezing (Requires Seasons) traits.Turns your Sim into a normal Sim (only works for the buff cheat above).
Example: rce_offspring_count, would force my sim to have triplets.
SpawnSimple amount The amount indicates how many sims to spawn.

You must have the sim selected in live mode that you would like to apply the cheat.
Choose one of the cheats above to make the active sim appear pregnant, but not actually pregnant.
Remove Trait From Sim move_trait traitnameNoSpaces This will remove the specified trait from the current active sim.