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Amortization of discount on notes receivable

Joseph figures that the present value of window box coupon code the 20,000 is 13,612.
The difference between 20,000 and 13,612 of 6,388 is the discount on notes receivable.
Lends Michael Company 20,000, with payment due in five years.
For example, one month from July 18 is August 18, and two months from July 18 is September.Intermediate Accounting For Dummies, your intermediate accounting textbook talks about three situations in which a company may issue a note receivable for other than face value: zero interest bearing, interest bearing, and notes for other than cash.If one of these three rears its ugly head, use the fair market value of the property, good, or service subject to the note transaction to approximate the present value of the note receivable.Keep in mind that the future value of 1 is assumed to be worth more than the present value.Cooper agrees to accept Prices 18,000, 15, 90-day note dated September 1 to settle Prices open account.If the note life was months, we would divide by 12 months for a year.The stated interest rate is unreasonable. The business pays Square back the funds by having a certain percentage of each days receipts deducted for the payback.It moves from the balance sheet to the income statement via interest revenue using the effective-interest method.The first day (date of origin) is omitted, and the last day (maturity date) is included in the count.Is the 9 the interest rate charged?Cash doesnt factor into this schedule because Joseph receives no cash until the end of the fifth year.A note falling due on a Sunday or a holiday how does chimney sweep work is due on the next business day.At the end of a stated period.In the example given in the blog post, the business borrows 7,000 and pays back 7,910 by paying 9 of its credit card receipts each day until paid in full.Subtract 18,403 from the face value of the note receivable to get the discount of 1,597 (20,000 18,403).On July 18, 2015, I promise to pay When the maturity date is designated, computing the maturity date is not necessary.This action allows the customer more time to pay the balance due, and the company earns interest on the balance until paid.
Square determines the amount to be charged for the loan and the percentage to be charged each day using data analytics. .
Use the present value of an annuity of 1 table for the interest because its a series of payments.