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Affidavit for gifting a car

Payment for the boss discount tyres 12 service fee and applicable titling fee (your local DOL vehicle licensing office can give you the exact amount).
Complete a Vehicle Certificate of Ownership (Title) Application (Form TD-420-001).Start Your Title Paperwork, our step-by-step process is easy to digilent academic discount follow, making your title application a breeze!The fee.75. .LT TIP You dont need a gift affidavit when making a cash or other donation to a charitable organization.It may include the persons legal relationship to the donor but it is not required.You can do this: Gifted Vehicle Title Transfers Receiving a Gifted Vehicle Transferring a Washington vehicle title to your name after a car has been gifted to you is a similar process to applying for a title transfer after you have purchased a car from.Failing to use a gift affidavit could result in having to pay taxes on the items transferred.The purpose of a gift affidavit is to clearly state the intention of the gift giver, to document that this process was not a loan or sale, and declare that no other value was exchanged for the item.You can do this: It's helpful if you provide the recipient with proof of sales tax paid on the vehicle you're gifting them with.If no proof can be provided, you will be responsible for.3 use tax.Removing a Lien If you have finished paying off your car loan, you will need to have your lender release the lien on your Washington title, so that you can title and register the car under your name.Gifting a Vehicle to Another Party Transferring ownership of a vehicle title is ultimately the responsibility of the person receiving the gifted car.Typically, any associated DOL fees will be paid through your dealer as part of the sale.If the car is less than 10 years old Complete an Odometer Disclosure Statement; you can only obtain this form: Complete a Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale (Form TD-420-065).The following types of changes can be made on your Washington title: Name change.In these situations, a downloadable form can be found on the states Department of Revenue web page.
The Basics: What is a Gift Affidavit?